Daventry Business Network

The Daventry Business Network Is Launched!

Welcome to the new Daventry Business Network’s website part of the UK Business Network Group.

The Daventry Business Network is part of the growing UK Business Network. The UK Business Network originally started with the Kettering Business Network and Simon Cox and his leadership team, Marie Baker, Nigel Baker, Nick Freeman, Sarah McCarron and Bryan Lade have helped make the KBN a huge success in Kettering and in the surrounding villages.

Now more enthusiastic businesses have got together to start this Daventry Network !

The leaders and helpers in each team all work as volunteers to grow the network and help local businesses connect and grow.

We do not charge massive fees for our meetings or a joining fee ! We are different as we are NOT FOR PROFIT ! We only charge £3 per meeting which goes straight to each venue to cover the costs of drinks and refreshments in the meetings.

If you own a business in the local area please join our directory and if you wish to attend a meeting please sign up for a ticket on our events page.

Thank you all!


Thank you to all our local businesses that helped us launch our first DBN meet at Tigers on Monday 8th May. 12 people attended and we got the meeting off to a great start with KBN colleague’s sharing some great information on how they launch a very successful KBN, thank you to Sarah, Simon, Paul and Eric for some great insight to help us get started. We initially explained it’s not for profit and an excellent opportunity for small businesses to come together and network. We agreed the next meet at Tiger (see above) and would also welcome a speaker from local council, Marketing contact of Sarah’s for example. The speaker is to be confirmed and we ask all to bring plus one from local community please. From this meet we will put next 2 meet locations and times out as agreed round the table and the speakers of choice.




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